DIY Vintage Love Blocks

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, if you are looking for a cute gift to make someone, or just would like to make something cute for your home- this is the post for you!!


Vintage Love Blocks

I was inspired by this blog, and got to thinking about what I wanted the blocks to have as background text paper- and the bible came to mind. Love, to me isn’t just love between a couple; its about God’s love for us. So I thought it would be SO cool, to use scriptures from the bible that talked about love!! Before anyone hyperventilates, I did NOT use an actual bible. I typed out the verses I liked, and then formatted it to fit my blocks and aged the paper! (no bibles were harmed in the making of these blocks)


You could always use book pages, newspaper etc. if you don’t necessarily care about what is printed on the background of the blocks too.

Here is how you do this & what you will need:


– 4 blocks that have been sanded, and cut to be 4″ squares. I used a 2×4

– paper for your background, you can use my scriptures if you want ->Love Blocks

– mod podge, glossy or matte and foam brush

– tea bag steeped in water (if you want to age printed paper)

– fine tip black sharpie, red and black regular point sharpie


1. If you are printing paper (not using book paper) print that out and age it if you want with tea bags. You steep a tea bag in water for a few minutes for it to get to a darker color, then take the tea bag out of the water and lightly rub it over the pages so the color transfers onto the sheets of paper.


2. You are going to take a thin layer of mod podge and cover the front of your block, and place and smooth out your first sheet of paper. Leave it to dry face down and stack them so they will adhere well.


3. Once dry, you can sand the excess edges of the paper off to get a distressed look to the blocks. Its ok for it to have an uneven texture and look messy.


and after they will look like this



4. NOW, you have a choice. You can either trace the letters on if you want with a sharpie (by a stencil, freehand if you’re that gifted, or by printing if off of your computer and using an exacto knife to cut out the letters and be left with a stencil letter to use on the blocks) or you can use a cricut, silhouette or any other kind of crazy vinyl device I may not know about to adhere your letters onto the blocks.

I chose to trace my letters on, so I took the fine tipped sharpie and outlined the letters, and then filled them in with the thicker (regular point) sharpie.


see- they don’t look perfect, but once you fill them in they will!


5. If you want to leave them natural, go right ahead and your done! If you want to seal the blocks go ahead and put another layer of mod podge over all of the sides of the blocks. I did this in a gloss finish and it didnt distract or take away from the distressed look of the blocks, and I know they are all sealed and will last a long time.


I love that the words show through the red heart.


I loved the result- and the possibilities of how you can make these your own! Stack them to have a cute effect as well.




far away shot, on my mantle.


Now, every time I look at these I am reminded of His love. Its perfect!



DIY Christmas Thank You Card

Happy Holidays!

thank you card

Now that Christmas has passed us yet again and our homes are full of new goodies, having little ones like I do you may forget to doing simple things like writing a Thank You card.

I personally ALWAYS take the time to make sure I thank people for gifts either for myself and husband or my children. This is definitely something that falls by the wayside these days, and it is such a simple gesture that speaks volumes to those who gave you presents. On that note, I think this is something special you can do to really show your appreciation to others while being SIMPLE!

With that being said–I bet your tree and decorations are still up too, so if you didn’t happen to catch a picture of your kids on christmas opening gifts or by the tree stick them by it and snap a picture- you will be glad you did!

I took pictures of my boys that morning but made an effort to take one for this THANK YOU CARD!

I figured their grandparents and relatives who live here and those who don’t who sent presents would LOVE getting a Thank You card with their picture on it!

There are several websites out there that have templates to make a cute card like I did, and I happened to use shutter fly “PRINT AT HOME”- I bet some of you didn’t even know that existed huh?!

Add your photo and text and then just print it out!


I used some card stock I had, or you could use photo paper; heck you could even print it at walmart or target and then just pick it up if you don’t like your printers quality or don’t want to waste ink!

Here is my finished product (this was my tester and there are water spots from sitting on our counter by the sink)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and that you give this a try since its only a few days past Christmas. Im sure everyone will enjoy a personalized photo Christmas Thank You card!

Refinishing Old Furniture

I Wanted a new piece of furniture that looked more finished to replace my old apartment sofa table from target, something like a buffet table since it goes by our big dining room table for dinners… I saw ones I liked and they were $300+ dollars, and there was NO way I was going to shell out that kind of money… so I decided to refinish an old piece I found on Craigslist!


This turned out AMAZING! I actually want to do it again, the painting went smooth and it turned out exactly how I wanted it! I’ll tell you how I did it, and you should give it a try! Its worth the work and definitely worth the money you save, just take inspiration from Pottery Barn magazines, Ballard designs etc.

Here is what I used:

– Palm Sander ( I used 150 grit paper ) and BOY does a palm sander make sanding go fast!

– Some damp paper towels to wipe the sawdust off

– Primer, I used Kilz 2

– Olympic paint and primer in one (color of your choice)

– 4” Cabinet and door roller, and the roller is the BEST trick besides using a sprayer to get even coverage without brush strokes.

(Mine came out flawless, so I HIGHLY recommend using a roller!)

– Olympic satin paint for the top in magic black

– Top coat, I used minwax water based top coat

-New hardware, or repurposed hardware from original piece

* Don’t judge the clutter, this was done in my garage while clearing out the house for baby #2!



1- Remove all of the doors and drawers, take off the hardware and keep in a baggie just in case so you dont lose them. Then sand your piece until the varnish comes off and the surface is smooth.

Mine looked like this


2- After it is all sanded, take some lightly damp paper towels and rub the whole piece to remove the extra sawdust and let it dry! I didnt rush ANY of the drying processes, and let each step dry over night. Why ruin your work if you’re in a hurry??!

3- Take your primer and use your roller and roll the primer evenly all over the piece. It will look like this

primed top
Let it dry overnight just to be safe, like I said don’t rush it even if it seems safe. Its not worth it!

4- Once it is dry, you are ready to apply your paint! (using your roller, remember)

Smooth out any areas that the roller will not reach with a good synthetic bristle brush, I did this around the curves in the drawer and then smoothed it out again with the roller.

I applied two coats of my grey/green and waited OVERNIGHT for both drying processes.

side drying

first coat

5- Now that the main part of it is dry you can tape the bottom off and use a tarp to cover it and paint  the top!

top drying

I painted three coats of black, to make sure it was all even and none of the primer showed through. I waited 3 hours in between each coat. It dried super fast, so judge your paints directions and by how it is drying.

6- Last but not least, NOW you can add your top coat!! I rolled mine on, even though it advised using a brush… it wasn’t looking as smooth and I switched back to my trusty roller and rolled two coats on. I waited overnight in between coats.


Here is a picture of how smooth the black and top coat are (If you can’t tell, you have to take my word for it, it looks professional!) and I know 100% it is because I used a roller. So if I didnt repeat myself enough, USE A ROLLER- it will make your piece look like it was bought!

7- Now you just take your tarp off, put the  hardware on and then put doors and drawers back on! Ta da!! Thats it, its really simple and comes out looking great!!

Just for your info, I was using another picture for inspiration but lost it.. so this was close- from ballard designs, and is over $350!


Here is the finished product in my house with a new lamp and some decorations (keep in mind I have a busy toddler, so I couldn’t get to knick-knackey)


My grand total for this WHOLE project was under $125 INCLUDING the price of buying the buffet table! 

Enjoy and remember if you try this or have questions, just post them along with your pictures 😉

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Etched Glass Tutorial

I love getting things and making them cuter, especially when it happens cheaply!

I was looking for a piece of furniture to hide my printer and files since we are cleaning out the office to make room for baby #2, and I found this cabinet which I wasn’t too crazy about and decided to etch the glass with a nice geometric pattern to hide the office supplies going inside- since this will be in my hallway!


Here is how you can do this too

You’ll need:

– a pattern or vinyl sticker with the pattern of your choice. ( I saw one online for $34, and wasn’t about to spend that just to throw it away)

– This is the pattern I used, I printed it at 300%


– an exacto knife

– Valspar Frosting Spray- I got mine from lowes 

– Painters tape and paper to cover surrounding areas from overspray


1. Print out your pattern and use your exacto knife to cut out the pattern, like this

2. Align it with where you are going to be adding your design. I placed mine on the INSIDE of the cabinet, since it is low and there will always be grubby hands touching it. This will prevent smears and smudges on the pattern since it will be on the inside.

3. Put tape around the glass and wrap the outside with paper so the spray paint doesn’t go on anywhere it’s not supposed to.


Remember to follow your specific can’s instructions. I sprayed 3 coats on the glass and was happy with the coverage, I waited 10 minutes or so between each coat- it dries fast!

4. Once it is dry, peel off the tape and paper and it will reveal your pattern!!


That’s it, you’re done! Think about all of the different places and pieces of furniture you can customize! I will probably be doing this on our entertainment stand in our living room to hide our cable boxes and movies!

Give it a try, if it doesnt turn out right just frost the rest of the glass and the whole thing will be uniform- its win/win!

I Love You Because…

Valentine’s Day is just 8 days from now!! I know you could be looking to do or make something special for your spouse, and its hard to come up with different things every year!

So I made this for my husband last year

Frame Front label
It sits in our bathroom, and we write little notes to each other all year and has been something I definitely was glad I made!
This is VERY easy, and so fun because it can be easily customized for your house!

Here is what you will need:

– A picture frame ( this could be laying around the house or new, I used an 8×10)

– Scrapbook paper in a pattern you like

– Felt material to make the flowers, or any other embellishment you want like buttons etc.

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

– Dry erase marker

          1. Once you’ve picked out the frame that you like, and either refinished it by spray painting it (if its old) or buying it, you will go to your computer and type out how you want the font to be sized and laid out and then print it on your scrapbook paper. I played around with various sizes, spacing, and mixed the fonts BEFORE I actually printed it on the scrapbook paper. Be sure to test it out first!



Fold the middle over and start to wind the flower into itself


When its all wrapped around it will look like this


Now you get your hot glue and glue the edge to the flower to secure it, but you could skip this and just glue it directly onto the frame however you want it!
Add any other decorations you want, I think adding some buttons around the flowers would be cute or a bow etc.

That’s it, you’re done!! Now all you have to do is write a cute message!

Hope you make one for your Valentine
* the felt flower images were taken from a blog I googled since I didnt take a picture of this step when I made it.

DIY Glitter Phone Case

Who doesn’t love glitter??!

I saw some posts on pinterest about making phone cases, and I decided to give it a try!

This is a super easy thing do to, and comes out looking amazing! The best thing is that is totally custom and can be a great cheap gift for yourself or someone else… and with Valentine’s Day coming up, this could be a nice little gift for a coworker, a friend or sibling! 
Glitter Phone Collage m

Here is what you will need


– Craft Glitter ( I used Martha Stewarts Craft glitter because it is superfine, and I used a 40% off coupon from Michael’s)

– Matte finish Mod Podge (also available at Michael’s)

– A foam brush

-Clear phone case (I got mine for my model off of Amazon for $4!)

– A bowl lined with aluminum foil for easy clean up


  1. Mix your craft glitter with some modge podge in the bowl you lined with aluminum foil. This will make for easy clean up and you will just lift the foil out and put it in the trash versus having a dirty bowl to soak and clean! You will want the mod podge to have LOTS of glitter in it, so use more glitter then mod podge- think 2:1 consistency- you will want to see lots of glitter in the mod podge. 
  2. Take your foam brush and brush the mod podge/ glitter mixture over your phone case. Make sure to do even strokes so the finish is even as it dries. Do about 2-3 coats depending on how much glitter you mixed in. If you went a little lighter on the glitter, you might want to do more than 3. Wait at least 30 minutes in between. I waited 1 hr between coats. Rinse your brush off in between coats, otherwise it will get really hard and wont brush on the next one well.


This is what mine looked like as it was drying, I laid it on some aluminum foil to keep my counters clean and prevent the case from sticking to anything as it dried.

Now all that is left to do after it is dried, is put it on!!

You may have to pick off some of the excess areas around where the phone case snaps together, if you dont have a snap case this wont affect you. We messed with it a little and it snapped together great!

All together this cost me less than $15! I think that’s pretty awesome!

If you noticed the phone case holder in the top collage, I will also be posting a tutorial for how to make that too!

phone in holder m

Hope you enjoyed this, and that you try it yourself! I know some of my friends liked it so I will be making more for them!

DIY Wreath Tutorial

I LOVE making wreaths, it is definitely a fun and useful hobby to have. I made a deco mesh wreath for the first time at Christmas and everyone who came over loved it!!

So I wanted to post a tutorial of how to make one, whether it is for this upcoming Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s day, Easter etc.

I also made a cute wreath for my house, which has address numbers on them and I think it  is the perfect year-round wreath, as well as the perfect gift for newlyweds, people who have everything, or as a housewarming gift!

Wreath Collage

Deco Mesh Wreath Materials List:

– 18” wire wreath form, or whatever is available

– Pipe cleaner that matches the deco mesh you are using ( I used about 25 red pipe cleaners)

– 21” deco mesh ribbon ( this will be the main color)

– 10” deco mesh ribbon as your filler/ accent color (mine was pink)

– filler of your choice, I used what was available at Michael’s


  1.  Lay wreath on the floor and begin to tie the pipe cleaners all around the wire form. There is no “right” way to do this, I copied a website’s picture of a working wreath they sell that has attached wire already on it, and it sells for $15- mine cost $3!vday working wreath
  2.  I tied 2 pipe cleaners on the outer sections and 1 on the inner ring, leaving the two middle ones empty- this gets covered by the mesh anyway.
  3. Take your 21” deco mesh and attach it to the tie on the inner ring and secure it.

how to tie

4. Once one end is secured, you will pull the mesh into a bunch which looks like a poof (hard to explain) and then tie the poof onto the next pipe cleaner. Continue to gather and tie little poofs onto each pipe cleaner inside the inner ring. It will look like this as you are going along.

vday bunching meshinner ring done5. Once you have filled the inner ring, continue on to the outer ring with the same bunching and securing process. You can do this without cutting the mesh.

6. Now that the whole wreath is filled (both inner and outer rings) you can get your smaller 10” mesh and add it in just like you did with the first color. This can be sporadic, or you can fill most of the wreath with it- its all up to you. The pipe cleaner should be long and you will be able to tie the second mesh just like you did the first because the ends will be sticking out.

inner pinkdeco done7. Now all the is left to do is add the filler, you can see it in the back of this last picture. I grabbed little hearts from the valentine’s section at Michael’s and I cut them using wire cutters and tied them into the pipe cleaner. I also added some hot pink ribbon randomly into the wreath, I just tied it to the wire and let the two ends stick out for extra color. (You could tie bows if you want a cuter effect.)

Now you have the choice if you want to cut the pipe cleaner short so it doesn’t show, or you can leave it out or curl it with a pencil. I liked Seeing it since it coordinated with the pink and red theme- it added an extra flare to the wreath!

Here is the final product, and picture of one my friend made with me while doing this tutorial! Its super easy!!

valentines wreath


**Now if you want to make a Christmas wreath out of an artificial Christmas tree wreath form its much easier, it is the SAME process only you don’t need to add pipe cleaners to have your mesh attach to- you just use the branches to wrap the mesh around.

Here are some pictures of how I made the Christmas one at my house, its not the best picture but its so gorgeous!

xmas wreath beginning

xmas done

Now onto the address wreath 

Here is what you will need: 

– 18” twig wreath

– Flowers for the side

– House numbers from Lowes or other hardware store

– Plastic spray paint, if using plastic numbers and a plastic primer.

– Hot glue gun & glue sticks

home materials 2

home w:o numbers

home materials


1. I sprayed the numbers with two coats of plastic primer waiting 10 minutes after each coat like the can suggested (even though the paint was outdoor).
2. Sprayed with two coats of blue spray paint, waiting 30 minutes after each coat like the can suggested.
3. While the paint was drying I cut the flowers with wire cutters leaving a small tip that could poke through the twig on the wreath to practice placement, and arranged them on the wreath how I liked them and then got out the hot glue gun.
4. Glue each flower down on the twig wreath where you placed them. They will be secure after this.

5. Get the numbers once they are dry and place them on the wreath and glue them, and TA-DA you’re done!!  You have a great gift or something great for your house!!

home wreath

Thanks, I hope you  enjoyed the tutorial. Shoot me any questions you have!